Fall Session 2017

The Fall Session begins on Sunday, September 10. You must pre-register by contacting us either by email or at (613) 789-9996, so we can create leader-follower balance.

Class Descriptions

Tango 1: Fundamentals for beginners – the embrace, leader-follower connection, basic walking, the cross, ochos, simple musicality, and essential floorcraft.
Tango 2: Continue your tango journey. We’ll build on the fundamentals and explore turns, the cross system, and begin working on milonga. (Pre-requisite: Tango 1)
Intermediate 1: This class focuses on refining basic movements within close embrace. We’ll explore even more turns and introduce barridas, all in relation to the music. (Pre-requisite: Tango 1, 2, and 3)
Advanced 1: Learn use what you know with more nuance, in terms of your connection with your partner and musicality. We’ll also touch on fundamentals throughout to “tune up” your dance. (Pre-requisite: Intermediate Tango)
Connection and the Free Leg: Explore how connections with your partner and within yourself influence the quality of sacadas, ganchos, wraps, barridas, and boleos. (Pre-requisite: Advanced Tango)
Tango with brigitte and Francis: Create a more connected, musical dance by delving into the technical details. We challenge you to go beyond “steps” and take command of your movements for a more vibrant, creative tango.

Mini-Session: What’s a Mini-Session? Click here for more information.

The next Mini-Session topic will be “Dancing the Opposite Role.”