Milonga de Mis Amores

La Milonga de Mis Amores is held every Tuesday night, from 8:30 PM to midnight. Whether it’s DJ Francis or DJ Jewel in charge, we play traditional tango music, with a little alternative tango music on occasion.

The milonga takes place in beautiful Bate Hall, part of the allsaints Event Space. The dance floor is one of the best you’ll find in Ottawa.

There are two entrances: one at 317 Chapel Street and one at 10 Blackburn Avenue.

Cover: $10 per person, $8 for full-time students.
Note: Those who are currently taking beginner class with us can attend milongas for free for the duration of their session of tango 1.

The Ottawa tango community is friendly and welcoming, and many dancers here love to socialize and dance with visitors.