Mini-Session: 4 classes, 1 class a week, 75 minutes each.

These classes are perfect for intermediate to advanced dancers. Previous topics have included “Musicality,” “Improvisation,” “Milonga,” and “Vals.”

Please pre-register by email, or calling (613) 789-9996.

Fall Session 2017

October 15 – November 5 at 6pm: “On Turns.”

No matter how long you’ve been dancing, your turns could probably use a tune-up. Leaders and followers will explore how to work together to create fun and dynamic turns for the social dance floor.

(Pre-requisite: Tango 3)

September 10 – October 1: “Dancing the Opposite Role.”

Learning the opposite role is one of the surest ways to deepen your understanding of tango and to improve connection. Leaders can gain more subtlety, and followers can learn to take a more active role in the dance.

(Pre-requisite: Tango 3 or one year of dancing experience in either role)