What some of the Ottawa Tango Community wishes for in 2020

Some of these have been edited for clarity and taking out things specific to Siempre (suggestions for class content, venues, etc.). The focus is on the community!

“To keep dancing”

“My wish is that the community grows and grows, and that everyone is welcoming to everyone else.”

I am looking forward to continued growth, one thing though it would be nice to have the tango teachers in Ottawa on the same page. This may be a challenge but I’ve noticed that some schools have different approach, for example lumping all levels together and not really emphasizing the proper etiquette when dancing. This is one thing that I really appreciate about Siempre is the emphasis on creating a respectful community. Thanks for all of your hard work.”

“More energy, new initiatives to build a community of strong friendly dancers.”

“Continued growth.”

“I know you ask for one but I’m going to wish for lots….
-High quality instruction.
-I really enjoyed a history talk Tomas Howlin gave a number of years ago. I’d love to attend more….
-surveys that include questions on what we love that exists already! There are lots of great things in place already :)”

“PRIORITY: Act as a community! i.e., Collaboration instead of finger pointing! i.e., Taking responsibility for success and non-success! i.e., Good mouthing in lieu of bad mouthing! Charismatic leadership! AND More tanguéros and tanguéras visiting from Montréal! Opportunities to dance everyday of the week (milongas and practicas)! Attracting more dancers from other disciplines as well as total beginners! Retaining them! With all my appreciation and lots of abrazos in these challenging times for Siempre, my tango journey alma mater!”

“My wish is that we all grow in tango, keep liking each other and collaborate together. I like that advanced students that have been dancing a long time and have been the backbone of the community are now teaching to pass on their experience and inspire others. Let’s hope this continues and the collaboration keeps developing. That’s in general. In more specific, I hope the existence of 2 schools will add to enlarging the tango community and raising the level. Already we are seeing more events / milongas and occasions to learn from guest teachers. My hope is that there will be lots but not too many or competing events so that our small community is not divided.”

“Please abandon the attitude that someone new to tango must ‘suffer’ to learn. Most people come from some other dance, athletic or music background, are reasonably fit and have the ability to learn. I know of too many people who took 1 to 4 sessions and abandoned in discouragement. Fortunately they are still involved with swing / waltz / contradance / international dance communities.”

“Better events with better teachers. More events and milongas – possibility to dance more often and in nice, vibrant places. Attracting more younger dancers.”

“A nice – clean – room for the milongas and a change in atmosphere. There are ‘gangs’ at the milonga. People do not naturally interact with each others.”

“My wish will be to have many more devoted to tango ledders! It looks like there is never shortage of follovers at the milongas and practicas, and same goes to tango classes.”

“I think the organizers are doing a great job across the board. The transition is certainly going well, (not that I have a clue about the previous organizers). I think the community is a little fixated on tango music, and I’m coming to realize that tango can be danced to anything, so to get us beginner types more involved, I recommend breaking the rules and letting us dance to non-tango music periodically. We know those songs, and can orchestrate our movements in advance more easily.”

“Good instruction from knowledgeable instructors. Good ratio teacher/student. Balanced leader/follower classes.”

“More guest teachers”

“Teachers with skill are necessary for this community to grow and be healthy. Intermediate dancers calling themselves teachers do a disservice to our community, not a service. I’d rather see more visiting teachers with great experience teaching less frequently than our community growing thinking that mediocre dancing and musicality is good. Learning and practicing together makes a dance community, and we need to be learning and practicing the right things…. There doesn’t appear to be unity and coordination. This needs to change for our community to be healthy.”

“more socials”

“I hope you …. have other [prácticas]. Also encourage experienced dancers to help out and show the beginners.”