Pablo Veron: Postponed to Late 2020

UPDATE 03/07/20: We regret to announce that the workshops planned in Ottawa and Montreal with Pablo Veron will be postponed.

It was a very difficult decision to make, but as Pablo is currently in Italy, where the coronavirus outbreak is serious, and although he is not showing any symptoms, he didn’t want to take the chance to inadvertently infect anyone here.

Seeing how tangueros in Italy are presently confronting the coronavirus outbreak (all milongas, classes, and events have been canceled), it is prudent to play it safe when things seem to be changing so rapidly.

It’s very disappointing to all of us, but it’s up to organisers to act in the best interest of their communities. That includes delaying certain large-scale events until the situation is less volatile so that 1) people stay healthy and 2) everyone can enjoy themselves without reservation.

Pablo is presently re-arranging his schedule, and we look forward to working with Carol Horowitz of Studio Tango Montreal to bring him to Ottawa later this year. Possible dates (to be confirmed) seem to be sometime after mid-September or during October.

As soon as we have news, we will share!

He’s a dancer’s dancer.

As the star of the movie The Tango Lesson and of the show Tango Argentino, he inspired a whole generation of tango dancers and is the reason why many people began dancing in the first place. Pablo Veron is an unparalleled innovator, and his dancing links the traditions of the great Argentine masters and the new generations. Graceful, precise, with an incredibly fluid and dynamic style, he is recognised as being pivotal to the popular renaissance of the dance and is considered by many of his peers to be one of the great talents in the history of the tango.

Pablo travels year-round to teach tango worldwide. We at Siempre Tango are honoured to welcome him to the Ottawa tango community. Our profound thanks to Carol Horowitz of Studio Tango Montreal for making this very special weekend possible!