Spring Session 2018

The Spring Session will begin on Sunday, April 8, 2018. You must pre-register by contacting us either by email or at (613) 789-9996, so we can create leader-follower balance.


The first Mini-Session topic will be “Women Leading Fearlessly.” 

Learn to lead the walk, the cross, ochos, and simple turns. If you already lead, refine what you know and learn to use it with finesse. (Women only. Pre-requisite: Tango 2)

Visit Mini-Sessions for more details.

Class Descriptions

Tango 1: Fundamentals for beginners – the embrace, leader-follower connection, basic walking, the cross, ochos, simple musicality, and essential floorcraft.
Tango 2: Continue your tango journey. We’ll build on the fundamentals and explore turns, the cross system, and begin working on milonga. (Pre-requisite: Tango 1)
Tango 3: Dive deeper into tango. We’ll explore turns, strengthen fundamental concepts for social dancing, and begin working on tango vals. (Pre-requisite: Tango 2)
Intermediate 3: We will focus on movements in both open and close embrace and become familiar with both milonguero style and salon style. (Pre-requisite: Intermediate 2)
Advanced 3: By now, you have many figures to choose from. Learn to use them well. We’ll also touch on fundamentals throughout to “tune up” your dance. (Pre-requisite: Advanced 2)
Tango with brigitte and Francis: Create a more connected, musical dance by delving into the technical details. We challenge you to go beyond “steps” and take command of your movements for a more vibrant, creative tango.