Spring Session 2019

The Spring Session will begin on Monday, April 1, 2019. You must pre-register by contacting us either by email or at (613) 789-9996, so we can create leader-follower balance.

Spring 2019 Schedule

We offer regular classes for each level of dance. Wherever you are in your tango journey, we can help. 

Tango 1: Fundamentals for enjoyable social tango – a comfortable leader-follower connection and a simple toolbox of moves to use well into the future.

Tango 2: Level Up!
Continue your tango journey. Build your skills by exploring turns, the idea of cross system, and milonga. (Pre-requisite: Tango 1)

*** For Tango 2 on Sundays, the práctica is included in the price, so you can immediately practice what you learned, guided by our team of teachers. ***

Tango 4: Leg and Foot Games
Strengthen your connection and technique, and explore your first barridas and sacadas. (Pre-requisite: Tango 3)

Intermediate 3:
Learn to use what you know with more nuance, in terms of your connection with your partner and musicality. We’ll also touch on fundamentals throughout to “tune up” your dance. (Pre-requisite: Intermediate 2)

The Cozy Close Embrace:
We’ll go from easy to complex movements, and we’ll explore how to open and close the embrace as the song or tanda progresses. (Pre-requisite: Intermediate / Advanced Tango)

Tango with brigitte and Francis
We challenge you to go beyond “steps” and delve into the details. Take command of your movement for a more vibrant, creative tango. (Pre-requisite: Open to those who dance both roles fluently, and intermediate/advanced couples.)

MINI-SESSIONS return this Spring on Wednesday nights at 8:00 PM.

April 3 – May 1: Follower’s Musicality (8:00 – 9:30 PM)
This class will be a mix of technique and musicality. Aesthetics are only part of technique. It’s more about being able to stop suddenly, go in slow motion, or to accelerate with control – all of which are important to expressive musicality.
$90 per person, $75 for full-time students. HST included.
Drop-in option: $20

May 8 – June 5: Tango Drills Co-op (8:00 – 9:00 PM)
What happens when you get together with your friends to do the same series of drills for five weeks? Come participate in this experiment with us.
$60 per person. HST included.
First class drop-in: $20