About Us

Francis Caron established Siempre Tango in 1999; it was Ottawa’s first school dedicated exclusively to Argentine Tango. Over the next 20 years, he and his wife / co-director brigitte, with the help of a growing team, would create a thriving tango community. When Francis and Brigitte decided to leave Ottawa in 2019, they left Siempre Tango in the hands of Jewel Aldea and her teammates.

As the current team emerges heads into a post-pandemic reality, we will continue Siempre Tango’s legacy of bringing people to tango and bringing the best of tango to Ottawa.

Team Members

Jewel Aldea (Team Leader)

Jewel grew up playing tennis, eventually playing at the Division I level. She left tennis to commit to her studies. When Argentine Tango found her in 2006, she found a place for her inner drive to run wild.

Jewel started taking classes at Siempre when she moved to Ottawa in 2015. She began teaching in 2016, working intensively with Francis Caron in both tango and the Alexander Technique. Her teaching revolves around helping you find an ease of movement that leaves you free to perceive your partner, the music, and your emotions.

As a dancer, Jewel is known for her musicality and playful attitude. She gladly dances both roles. She is an eclectic DJ who can staunchly traditional or “go rogue” with nuevo selections, depending on the event. She is always looking for opporutnities to host guest teachers, and organised five guest teacher visits in 2019 alone.

Marcel Laurin

Marcel is a dynamic dancer who is credited with being one of the founders of Ottawa’s tango community. After learning ballroom and club salsa, he started learning Argentine Tango in 1997, studying with several teachers in Montreal. He and his late wife Daniele Lacroix started teaching in Ottawa, and bringing in well-known teachers to give workshops for the small-but-growing tango community. Once Francis Caron moved to Ottawa and established Siempre Tango, he asked Marcel if he wanted to join the team, and, as Marcel puts it, “Here we are, just a ‘few’ years later!”

Tiniko Natsvlichvili

Tiniko started Argentine Tango in Ottawa in 2010 and was hooked immediately. She immersed herself by taking local classes and attending tango events in North America, Europe, and Argentina. She began organising locally in 2014, and then moved to Buffalo, NY, organising events there for 4 years before returning to Ottawa. Her most well-known event was the annual ESO! Buffalo Tango Marathon, which brought 200 people together over a weekend to celebrate tango. Tiniko’s been teaching since 2015, and joined the Siempre Tango team in 2019. In her classes, she focuses on applying students’ natural movement, which best allows them to express themselves through tango, and she addresses creativity, musicality, technique, and connection to oneself, one’s partner, and the social scene.

Tiniko enjoys bringing the community together and empowering dancers of all levels to make the most out of their tango journey. She will once again start hosting Milonga Querida sometime in Fall 2021.

Former Team Members

Francis Caron (Founder)

Originally a musician, Francis began dancing Argentine Tango in 1994 and established Siempre Tango in 1999. His engaging musicality, humour, and eye for detail were highly influential on the growth of Ottawa’s tango community. Francis and his wife Brigitte left Siempre Tango in 2019. He is now a teacher and assistant director at the Montreal School of the Alexander Technique.

Brigitte Caron (Co-director)

As a teacher of the Alexander Technique, Brigitte came to tango with a subtle understanding of the relationship between quality of movement, intention, and communication. She taught at Siempre Tango from 2003 to 2019, and is now head of the Montreal School of the Alexander Technique.

The Carons continue to teach the Alexander Technique in Ottawa through private practice and in affiliation with uOttawa’s Musicians’ Wellness Centre.

Mary-Ellen Hurd

Mary Ellen began dancing Argentine Tango in 2000, and taught with Siempre Tango from 2002 to 2019. She became a certified Alexander Technique teacher in 2019, and you’ll occasionally see her mischievous smile at Ottawa milongas.