Winter 2020 Session

We’re excited to roll out a new curriculum starting Sunday, January 12. Each session will be 6 weeks long.

For those of you who have taken classes with us previously, there are a few changes:

  • In Tango 101 and 102, students will learn BOTH roles.
  • Classes will focus on dancing socially in close embrace. Our main goal is to help students feel ready to attend and enjoy milongas.
  • If you don’t want to dance in close embrace, you don’t have to. But we highly encourage it. Being able to dance pleasurably in close embrace ties you into the greater world of Argentine Tango outside of Ottawa. To that end, we’ll provide a safe space to explore and support you in any way we can.
  • Tango 301, 302, and Thursday’s Tango 103 all have a “+” designation. People registered for these classes can add on the lower-level class that takes place on the same day. (For most, it will be their first experience dancing the other role or in close embrace, so they will be involved and invested in class.)

Ready to register? Sign up here.

Not sure which class to take? Contact us to find out which class is right for you.