Karina Colmeiro: October 2019

We are pleased to welcome Karina Colmeiro to Ottawa once again. You may remember her from her last visit in 2013, and we’re happy to have her for a weekend of special workshops on October 18 – 20, 2019.


Karina Colmeiro is a very complete dancer who’s constantly searching for and developing her study of movement, as well as her pedagogy. She’s been dancing tango for 20 years and teaches around the world, participating in numerous festivals as a teacher, performer, and jury member in championships. She’s also directed several shows and is co-organizer of the Práctica Las Malevas, an emblematic space in Buenos Aires.

Karina started teaching technique courses in 2005 and has since become a specialist in this aspect. Her classes are based on the understanding of movements independent of the style of tango that is danced, and extensively searching for different possibilities in performing them. She provides the necessary tools for students to understand their own bodies, move effectively, develop and train self-awareness, and then connect with another.

She has worked with several partners, including Rodrigo Palacios (see demo here) and Maximiliano Cristiani (see demo here). You can see more videos here.

Tentative Schedule

During her time in Ottawa, Karina will be offering 5 workshops, as well as private lessons, throughout the weekend. More details to come!

Friday, October 18

  • Workshop 1: Musicality and Interpretation
  • Welcome Potluck

Saturday, October 19

  • Workshop 2: Technique for Leaders & Followers I
  • Workshop 3: Technique for Leaders & Followers II
  • A milonga in the evening, with DJ Karina

Sunday, October 20

  • Workshop 4: Sacadas
  • Workshop 5: Organisation of the Dance
  • Farewell Práctica

Workshop Descriptions

The workshops will reveal Karina’s secrets to understanding your own body movement to effortlessly dance any style and form of tango. Workshops will be progressive in nature, so for best results, try to attend all of them!

These workshops are for leaders AND followers. While there will be partner work, all workshops can focus on individual exercises. It’s not necessary to register with a partner.

Musicality and Interpretation

Structural analysis of music and recognition of musical phrases / Transfering what we hear into the movements of our body / The pause / Quality of movement in relation to music

Technique for Leaders & Followers I

Fundamentals, balance and control, displacements and pivots. We’ll focus on how to use our legs in the most effective way, and understanding how and why we use disassociation.

Technique for Leaders & Followers II

The giro (turn), changes of direction, and the combination of displacement and the pivot in different possibilities.


Application of the concepts in Technique I and II. How to receive sacadas and how to do them in different ways, focusing on three aspects: connection, coordination, and the development of sensibility in the couple.

Organisation of the Dance

Elements like time, space, and energy, to keep in mind for social dancing / Analysis and interpretation of different orchestras.

Private Lessons

Karina will offer private lessons throughout the weekend. Priority will be given to those who take at least one workshop.