These classes are perfect for intermediate to advanced dancers. Previous topics have included “Musicality,” “Improvisation,” “Milonga,” and “Vals.”

Please pre-register by email, or calling (613) 789-9996.

Spring 2018:

Mini-Sessions will be held on Wednesdays, 6:30 – 8:00 PM.

April 11 – May 2 (4 weeks): Women Leading Fearlessly
$75 per person, $60 for students.
Learn to lead the walk, the cross, ochos, and simple turns. If you already lead, refine what you know and learn to use it with finesse. Instructor: Jewel. (
Women only. Pre-requisite: Tango 2)

May 9 – May 23 (3 weeks): Musicality
$60 per person, $50 for students.
Learn about the underlying structures and patterns of tango music for a more enjoyable dance. Many of the exercises will be done individually. Instructors: Robert and Jewel. (Pre-requisite: Tango 1)

May 30 – June 13 (3 weeks): Connecting Turns
$60 per person, $50 for students.
Many of you know how to do single turns, but it’s useful to connect turns together for a more flowing feeling in both your tango and vals. Instructors: Robert and Jewel. (Pre-requisite: Intermediate Tango)

All prices include HST.