Our Curriculum

Tango 100 Series: The Fundamentals

These classes are great for people with no prior experience in tango, or for those needing a refresher on their foundational skills.

All students will learn both roles in Tango 101 and 102.

Tango 101: The Tango Toolkit

As you learn to walk (again), you’ll see the tango box, rock steps, and the cross. We’ll also teach you how tango socials work and how to be a good Tango Citizen.

Tango 102: Ochos and Close Embrace

Ochos and pasadas are iconic figures. Let’s have fun with them! We’ll also guide you into a bit of close embrace, and talk more about navigation.

Tango 103: Popular Moves

Learn the most common figures you’ll encounter/use on the social dance floor. Basic for us never means boring!

Tango 104: Circular Moves

Circular moves put your connection and pivots to the test! We’ll help you use turns in a comfortable, fun way.

Tango 105: Intro to Milonga and Vals

Besides tango, you’ll hear milonga and vals played at socials. The mechanics are the same as tango, but we’ll help you achieve the different “feeling” of these genres.

Tango 106: Basic Musicality

Musicality makes the difference between random moves and actual dancing. Learn how to make choices depending on what’s happening in the music.

Tango 200 Series: Social Dancing Essentials

These classes are for all levels, and are for leaders and followers. Beginners will encounter new challenges, while intermediate and advanced dancers will have an opportunity to increase their sensitivity and find their individuality.

Tango 201: The Well-Rounded Dancer

Take what you’ve learned in class onto the dance floor. We’ll talk about navigation, the sensitive embrace, walking with pleasure, communication, and the best moves for the soical dance floor. Pre-requiste: Tango 101 and 102.

Tango 202: Ignite Your Dance, Delight Your Partner

This class focuses on the intersection of technique and musicality, active followership and responsive leading, and movement quality vs. quality movement. Pre-requisite: Completed the Tango 100 Series.

Tango 300 Series: Exploration

Pre-requisite: Complete Tango 100 Series / one year of classes

Tango 301: Deep Leading and Following (6 weeks)

You’ve been dancing for a while, so it’s time to refine your walking technique, posture, and embrace. Boost your partner communication, and gain fluency and greater enjoyment from improvisation.

Tango 302: Taking Turns (6 weeks)

Explore the most useful turns in tango, in both open and close embrace.

Tango 303: Changes in Direction (6 weeks)

Changes in direction are the connective tissue between figures, and sometimes they create the foundations of the more dynamic moves in tango.

Tango 304: Spice It Up (6 weeks)

This class will be intermediate dancers’ first exposure to more complex tango moves, with a focus on what’s appropriate for the social dance floor.

Tango 305: Milonga (6 weeks)

Tango 306: Vals (6 weeks)

Tango 307: Ways of Dancing (6 weeks)

This class examines the different “styles” tango you might see. You’ll learn ways to create elegance or a sense of rhythmic fun, and open the door to versatility.

Tango 400 Series: Addding to the Toolkit for Intermediate-Advanced Dancers

Pre-requisite: Completed Tango 300 Series / two years of classes + regular dancing at milongas and prácticas

Tango 401: Going in Circles (6 weeks)

Each session will explore fun ways of turning in social tango, with a focus on movement details, utility, and musicality.

Tango 402: Classic Elements (6 weeks)

Explore a more complex move in tango, with topics rotating each session. Want sacadas, barridas, boleos, calesitas, wraps, planeos, and ganchos? You’ll find them here, but we’ll always prioritise what works best on the social dance floor.

Tango 403: Tango Challenges (6 weeks)

Strange variations, unexpected exits and entrances to moves you already know, and asymmetrical leading and following.

Tango 404: Walking (6 weeks)