We’re privileged to be part of the Ottawa tango community, and we strive to make our students’ Argentine Tango experience as enjoyable as possible. Here’s what some of our students have to say about us.

“Tango is so much more than a dance – it is pure play, an intoxicating art form, a meditation, and total FUN! And it can be challenging to learn. But Francis and Brigitte know just how to take you, step by step, from confusion to competence, from dismay to delight. They are amazing teachers who have built a jewel of a tango community, warm and inviting. Ottawa is so lucky to have this dedicated, creative couple to bring the passion of tango to our sometimes chilly city.

There is just one risk when starting your tango journey. The music, the magic of learning to tune into your partner until you move as one – you just might become addicted!”
– Dr. Sue Johnson

“Francis Caron and his cohorts are great teachers: building from the basics, expressing musicality from the start, creating a safe learning environment, and making tango such serious fun. I’ve had the pleasure and pain of good and bad teachers in other dance forms over many years, and was smitten by Francis and the gang on our first lesson.”
– Marc Stevens

“Brigitte & Francis are always eager to help their students grow and become the best dancers they can be. Classes are always fun and challenging.”
– Giancarlo Brun Del Re

“Three years ago, when I took my first tango class, I was discouraged by the complexity and the technicality of the dance. I even wondered if I would ever be able to dance tango. Thanks to Francis and Brigitte’s expertise, patience, and availability, the whole learning process went smoothly. They are wonderful teachers who know how to bring out the best in each dancer. I recommend their school strongly.”
– Karin O.

“J’ai fait mes débuts au tango à Siempre il y a à peine 4 ans avec Francis et Brigitte Caron. Leur bel accueil, leurs conseils adaptés à chacun dans les cours de groupe, leur capacité de passer aisément de l’anglais au français, ont fait que j’ai voulu poursuivre mon apprentissage et participer aux très importantes pratiques et que je me sens à l’aise de participer aux milongas d’Ottawa, de Montréal, de New-York et de Paris. Et pourtant, je ne suis pas particulièrement douée et je suis venue très très tard à la danse et au tango. C’est tout dire du goût qu’ils ont su nourrir et de la passion qu’ils ont su faire naître!”
– Diane Chevalier

“Over the years I have lived tango passions, challenges, frustrations, a deep sense of connection and euphoria – often dancing only simple and small steps! All of this has been available to me through learning the technicality and musicality of tango. Thank you, Siempre Tango!”
– Isabelle Oppenheim

“I have been taking tango lessons with Francis and Brigitte for over 10 years. I have learned a lot and I am still learning. I appreciate the strong technique and musicality that are taught as well as the individual coaching I receive in class.”
– Francine Berube