Important News Concerning Our Milongas, Prácticas, and Classes (Updated 03/14/20)

Tango and coronavirus don’t mix.

Our desire for human contact puts us dancers at a disadvantage when it comes to public health. Friends from all parts of the world are now in tango “blackout” and unfortunately we have decided to join them.

Our community is very diverse. Many people with different workplaces, living situations, and ages make up our local tango family. Some are continuing to travel, and others continue to attend religious services, important gatherings, and work meetings, and will do so as long as Ottawa is not on total lockdown. It seems more appropriate to put tango gatherings on pause so that people can attend to the essential things in their lives.

(Whether tango is an essential thing – that’s a debate for another day!)

This is a decision we have not taken lightly. This impacts us financially, because tango events and classes are a primary source of income, and we carry long-term leases with our various partners throughout the city. But as always at Siempre Tango Ottawa, the safety and enjoyment of our students, teachers, and patrons comes first. It’s people who make our activities successful, and we must respect their concerns and opinions.

Our action plan:

  • We will suspend La Capital and the Sunday Práctica for the rest of March, effective immediately, and then see where we are at the end of the month. We hope to be back at the beginning of April.
  • We will delay the start of Bruno’s guest session, which was supposed to begin March 25. This delay will also apply to our new beginner session of Tango 101.
  • All group classes are suspended until further notice. For those of you who are currently enrolled in classes, you will receive emails specific to your situation.
  • We are still offering private and semi-private lessons. Clearly we have a lot more availability than before! Contact us.

We want everyone attending our events to enjoy their experiences without being pre-occupied with a looming public health crisis. If you have any concerns or questions, please let us know.

Stay healthy, be happy, and keep your eyes open!

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